Can webstores be opened easily?

Yes, addStore makes it a very comprehensive and native experience.

Free account allows you to create up to five stores with up to 50 products.
If you need to add more products, you can choose one of the paid plans that we’re offering.

Start creating your store by adding products and configuring their characteristics. After it’s done, you’ll be able to specify which of the shop-windows the product should appear on.

You can set up the following characteristics for your products:

  • Product name
  • Brief product description
  • Product's price (in any currency)
  • Product image
  • Detailed product description
  • Delivery methods
  • And even create your own parameters for the product so that it does not get lost in your virtual warehouse.

Add products

You can add products manually through the back office interface or by uploading a file with a complete product list (you will need to download a template in this case).

Add link

To set up a store right at your site you will need to provide the link to your site (the URL).
Choose your site’s page that will function as your main shop-window. Copy the ready-made
code of the created store and paste it into your site’s page.

products’ filter

Next, set up the products filter that will help you to choose which products will be on display in the shop-windows. Then choose a payment method (or methods) you’d like your customers to use.


To get an in-depth description of the process of the store creation and products management please refer to our Manual or the help system for the back office.