QR payments

QR code is a method to code information. In a small black-and-white square you can save a link to a website, a business card, some information about a product or any other data. The QR image can be placed anywhere - on the Internet or in printed media.
To gain access to the encrypted information you need to scan the code using a mobile device with a pre-installed application.
addStore service makes it possible to create QR codes which help to get the information about your product and immediately buy it using cell phones and tablets. You can easily create a QR code for an individual item or a group of items and then place it anywhere you want - for example, on your social network page or in a printed ad. With the help of a statistical tool you’ll be able to evaluate both the efficiency of sales you make with the help of QR codes and the effectiveness of the codes’ placement.
Offer your customers a free app called QR-pay. It simplifies payment process a lot by using
QR codes and provides your customers with additional features like:
  • Detailed information about products
  • Payment history
  • Deferred payments
  • Secure credit card payment method without re-entering card information
  • Additional information about your customers
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