Payment gateways

We offer a vast variety of payment methods which you can plug into your store:

Visa and MasterCard bank card payments using OnlinePay service. Your store will be automatically registered there in 24 hours after the sign up at
Visa and MasterCard bank card payments using CardPay company payment gateway. You’ll have to register an account with this payment system.
E-money payments via PayPal, Yandex Money, etc. You can add these payment methods once you've signed up for any of those e-money services.

You can start accepting payments within 24 hours after your store’s registration process with the OnlinePay service. Your account in the payment system becomes active automatically after the registration with the addStore service. Later on you will be able to change your pay operator through the settings. Some features (like QR code payment) will only be processed through OnlinePay payment service regardless of any other payment operator you choose.

Detailed information about fees, payment conditions and registration process can be found on the websites of the respective payment systems