Facebook store

Start selling your products on Facebook and attract a large number of active customers to your store!

Have you already added the products to the system? Are you ready to put them on the shop-windows for the customers from social networks? In order to do that you’ll need to create a new app page on Facebook. Log in to your account in the social network (yes, you have to be a registered user) and go to the “Pages” section. Create a new page for your store and customize it.

Add a new Facebook-store in your back office. Follow the link «Get URL», install the application on the page you’ve created and copy the ready-to-use link. By doing this you’ll confirm that you’re allowing addStore service to place the shop-window application to your social network page.

To get an in-depth description of the Facebook store creation process, please refer to our Manual or the help system for the back office.
Use the QR codes for promotion and direct sales on the social network pages.

Addsore - Facebook store