About service

Easy and safe way to
increase your sales!
We’ve developed a service that allows you to quickly launch your own online store.
It’s never been so easy! The service features include:
  • Extensive product management features

    You can set up your own parameters
    to manage products effectively.
  • Using QR codes

    which you can place wherever you want
  • User-friendly interface

    for the «back office» that will guide you
    through adding products and
    customizing your store.
  • Webstore app on Facebook

    you only need to create a page for the app
    and link it with your back office.
  • 24 hours after you sign up

    Your store can start working
Our service is constantly getting better. These features are in queue for implementation:
  • Customizing your store’s theme
  • Binding your domain with your webstore via addStore service
  • Cart payment solution which can be used on the existing sites
  • Integration with other social services
  • SMS payment notifications
  • Mobile interfaces to manage your stores
and plenty of other solutions. If you have a suggestion for addStore development and features, you’re very welcome to share your ideas with us.