1. How many stores can I open?

You can open up to five stores on the internet and social networks such as Facebook.

2. How many products can I have in each store?

You can have up to 50 products. You can choose in which Store each product is displayed.

3. How do I open a Facebook store?

Please see the manual.

4. What payment methods can I use?

See our full list of payment methods here.

5. Can I close my store at any point?

You have the ability to do this, along with a multitude of other options, at any point from your Administration panel.

6. Does anyone else have access to my store? Can I create new users?

No one else but you will have access to your store and your products. This is why you will have to make sure that your login credentials are kept securely and not shared with anyone. If you would like someone else to use your account you have to send us an official request and we will do it for you.

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